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buckle me up™ a revolutionary drive safe product in Australia

It can be hard to get kids to do anything they don’t want to do, whether it’s brushing their teeth or putting on sunscreen. But when it comes to seat belts and car safety, it is one area parents cannot afford to be lenient. buckle me up™ provides a means to ensure that your children are always buckled up when you are unable have an eye on them, leaving you free to focus on driving.
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  • Car Safe Alert System, Fatal Car Crashes, Traffic, Rear Seat Belts Australia Sydney

    Seat Belt Use

    Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of a fatal injury in a traffic incident by up to 50% for front seat occupants and up to 75% for rear seat occupants

  • Kids Car Safe, Children Car Accidents, Hospitalised Seat Belt Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin

    Kid's Car Safety

    31% of children hospitalised after car accidents were not wearing seat belts.

  • Driver Safety, Unrestrained Deaths, Killed In Road Crash, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle

    Driver Safety

    Passengers travelling unrestrained in a car are at least 10 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than those wearing a seat belt.

  • Kids safe Driving, Car Protection, Car Security, Safety Around Cars Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

    Driver Alert System

    Of the 378 parents surveyed, just over half reported that at least one of their children had managed to unbuckle a seat belt in a car seat at some point.

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We Want All Australians To Stay Safe On The Roads

We are currently offering a special offer, with a 30 day money back guarantee for the buckle me up™ product and a low price of only $49.50. That's over $189 in value for just $49.50. We are committed to protecting you and your family whilst you are in the car. Purchase buckle me up™ today! Click the link for our special offer.

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Car Safety Assurance Australia

Car Seat Belt Protection & Security

Car Safety Assurance Australia, Seat Belt Protection and Security for Children

The buckle me up™ family has one philosophy, keeping drivers and their families safe on the roads. Every year, people die on Australian roads in accidents that could have been easily avoided. One of the biggest tragedies is when it is caused by someone not wearing a seat belt. While so easily avoided, statistics show that in 2014 car accident fatalities not wearing a seat belt increased 45% from the previous year (Transport NSW Centre for Road Safety, 2014).

Drivers face many distractions; mobile phone use, changing the radio and external factors, to name just a few. Moreover, research has revealed that children cause alarming levels of distraction to drivers, with studies showing that children are 12 times more distracting to a driver than talking on a mobile phone while at the wheel. Stop looking in the rear view mirror; the buckle me up™ alerts you when your child has unbuckled their seat belt meaning that you don’t have to be constantly checking on them.

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Defensive Driving in Australia

Road Focus and Driving Safety

Defensive Driving Techniques, Distractions While Driving, Drive Instructor Australia Sydney

Many road safety studies suggest that drivers should drive defensively. However with kids in the back to worry about, it can be hard to provide your full attention to precision driving whilst also worrying about their well being.

If you are driving with kids, the buckle me up™ can take the massive worry of unbuckling off your mind. You won’t be able to stop the backseat fights, but at least you can rest easy knowing your kids are strapped in. Buckle me up™ looks at solving the distracted driving problem by taking at least one thing off your mind.

The buckle me up™ has added benefits for the entire family, with a more focused driver there is less chance of an accident, and even if there is one, your children will have the safety of their seat belt. Stop taking your eyes off the road, purchase a buckle me up™ today.

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Get the buckle me up™ from our ebay store for the low price of $99! Protect your licence, and avoid police fines! Save your demerit points and avoid fines for backseat passengers not having their seat belts on.

FA Section :: Child Safety On The Road | Kids Safe Australia

The Importance of Safe Driving

buckle me up™ aims to stop distracted drivers on the roads

Every year distracted drivers cause thousands of accidents on roads. Some of these accidents are fatal, some are also easily avoidable. We promote safe driving, making sure everyone in the car has a seat belt on just in case the worst happens.

Child Car Safety

The buckle me up™ alerts you when your children unbuckle meaning you can get them done back up and continue the car journey with peace of mind.

Defensive Driving

We want all Australians to learn the principles of defensive driving and to be left to practice without distraction when out on the roads.

Booster Seat Security

There's nothing worse than realising you have forgot to strap down your child's booster seat, the buckle me up™ ensures you never forget again.

Backseat Passengers

There is no law in Australia that makes backseat alerts mandatory in cars, we seek to change perceptions and show the importance of seat belt alerts to safety.

Safer Driving

We promote safer driving practices, especially when kids are in the car. So when we saw kids as a problem we sort to solve it with this technology.

Driving Distractions

With children being 12 time more distracting than a mobile phone while driving, its important to realise that looking back isn't safe practice.

Whose it For

Who is buckle me up™ designed for?

buckle me up™ is made for kids who are either of age to sit in the backseat in a standard adult lap-sash belt or are in a booster seat.

According to the Government’s Child Restraint Guidelines, recently legislated this includes:

Booster seat: Children 4 to 7 years old.
Adult lap-sash belt: Children 7 to 12 years old (or 145cm and taller).

So please be aware, buckle me up™ is not for infants and toddlers in
rear-facing capsules and forward-facing harness restraint car seats.

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Testimonials | Distracted Driving Brisbane | Seat Belt Reminder Perth

  • Car Safety, Car Protection, Baby Car Seat, Car Seat for Kids Melbourne Brisbane
    Something that is going to save your child’s life has got to be an advantage. With buckle me up™ you can assuredly keep your eyes on the road ahead; not on the backseat.
    Greg Pace, Fireman
  • Car Insurance Car Safety, Driving Lessons, Perth Sydney Melbourne
    Buckle me up™ is a piece of technology that solves a major issue because while we all buckle our kids in at the start of a trip, they can, and often do, unbuckle themselves.
    Associate Professor Leanne Raven, CEO Sids & Kids
  • Staying Safe On The Roads, Driver Alert, Car Insurance Perth Adelaide Hobart
    Kids can be a huge distraction in the backseat and I often find myself turning around to check on them. It’s really dangerous.
    Lucy Scotts, mother of four, all under 11 years old.

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Safer Driving With Our Seat Belt Alert System

With a cut price of $49.50 for the buckle me up™, there is no reason not to try it. Opt for safer driving, stay alerted to potential dangers to your children as well as to yourself. Join the buckle me up™ revolution today.


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Life Saving Seat Belt And Driving Device

We Want To Eliminate Unneeded Death On Roads

Seat Belt Alert System | Driver Safety | Child Safety Belt and Booster Seat | Car Safety
The buckle me up™ product aims to eliminate unneeded injuries and death on Australian roads.
The first of its kind | A backseat seat belt reminder system.
Keep your focus on the road and not on the backseat.
Ensure you and your kids safety when driving on the roads.
Order today for just $49.50!

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Safe Driving Advice

How the buckle me up™ allows for safer driving for parents of young kids

Car Insurance, Vehicle Protection, Driver Safety Queensland, New South Wales

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when considering safe driving, especially where children are involved. It is important to check before the journey even starts that your kids are safe in their seats. If you have a booster seat you should ensure it is properly secured.

The buckle me up™ allows parent the peace of mind of always having your child strapped in. Even with older kids it can be a problem in cars with children unbuckling to get more comfortable, not realising the potential risk. This is why the buckle me up™ device is such an important piece of technology; it allows for safer driving with parents less distracted and children always safe.

Driving with kids is distracting, make it less so with buckle me up™ seat belt alert system warning you of potential dangers to your kids.

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Driving and Seat Belts | A Hard Truth

The results of not paying attention without wearing a seat belt can be deadly

Baby Seat Belt, Baby Car Seat, Toddler Car Safety Western Australia, ACT, Tasmania, Northern Territory

Working a mobile phone behind the wheel delays your reaction time by 20% and when you consider that children are 12 times more distracting than mobile phones, it should be a worry for parents (Monash University Accident Research Centre, 2012/13). Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death and serious injury to Australian children and it is estimated that correctly restrained children in their car seat would prevent 18 deaths and 1000 serious injuries on the roads (American Journal of Public Health, 2012).

Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds when driving at 50km/h, means you travel for 27 meters effectively blind. Parents are often driving blind for over 3 minutes of a 16 minute journey. That’s over 2km when parents are not paying attention to the road (Monash University Accident Research Centre, 2012/13).

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Solution To The Dangers Of Driving

Stay safe in your car with the buckle me up™

Stay Safe in Your Car, Dangers Of Driving In Australia, Seat Belt Alert System NSW Queensland

We hope that the buckle me up™ seat belt alert system for the backseat will solve a number of the above problems, saving lives in the process. You cannot always have your eyes on the kids, and as we have seen, when you are driving it can be plain dangerous.

buckle me up™ saves you from this. The most important thing is that your kids remain buckled up in the backseat, especially when a booster seat is involved. The buckle me up™ alerts you when your kids unbuckle through a small device on your dash board which will beep and flash. You can then take appropriate action to ensure your child is safe and secure.

So when considering your child’s safety in the car, make sure to consider the buckle me up™ as a solution to a number of problems that can be caused by driving with kids.

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